[ZS] IPL Flash Epilator Devices for Women Men Painless Whole Body Home Facial Portable 999999 Permanent Laser for Hair Removal


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➡️Home epilator

● Innovative design, precise hair removal in different parts, bid farewell to traditional hair removal methods, and achieve beauty salon-level effects at home.

● The epilator is a specially developed hygienic hair removal option that still has the same strength as a professional beauty center. That means you don’t have to go to the beauty salon to interact with technicians or share a bed with countless other clients.

➡️ Say goodbye to traditional epilators

● Use depilatory cream and beeswax for hair removal, and some beauty lovers even use a razor for hair removal. These hair removal methods only temporarily smooth the skin, and over time the hair will grow and become thicker and thicker.

● Compared with the hair removal method of beauty salon, the hair removal position of beauty salon is fixed, which is inconvenient for multiple hair removal. The hair removal device can achieve the same hair removal effect as a beauty salon at home, saving a lot of cost and time.

● 999,999 light spots, one person can use it for 10 years. LCD display, remaining usage time is visible. 5-level adjustment function, care for every inch of delicate skin. It offers a painless process compared to some traditional hair removal methods. Intense pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle for effective hair removal. With a permanent effect, it completely removes unwanted hair after a thorough treatment.

➡️IPL Intense Pulsing Light

● Can be used for body hair, arms, armpits, calves, thighs, lips, bikinis and other parts of the hair removal.

●A single person only needs about 20,000 hairs for whole body hair removal, and 999,999 flashes can be used for 20-40 whole body hair removal operations.

● The epilator has no risk, is painless and safe, and the light does not damage any skin structure.

● The number of visible lasers on the LCD display shows the number of flashes remaining. Easier and more convenient.

➡️ Auto/manual flash dual mode

● Automatic high-speed bursts of flashes that fit the skin, free choice of different areas, and long-pressing under sliding flashes can automatically and continuously emit light, greatly improving the efficiency of hair removal.

● Automatic mode is suitable for large treatment areas such as legs, back, arms; manual mode is used for sensitive or smaller areas such as bikini line, upper lip and armpits.

➡️Professional IPL technology

● The device will automatically adjust the settings to match the root length, thickness and texture characteristics of whatever part of the body you are targeting. The device repeatedly sends gentle pulses of light to the hair root, causing a buildup of heat and energy.

● Illuminates hair follicles with delicate pulses of light, stimulating them into a quiescent state while making skin smoother and longer-lasting. Pulses cause heat to build up in each hair follicle, making it softer and more effective.

● Treatments to prevent hair regrowth are safe and gentle, even when performed on delicate parts of the body. The device, which has been tested in clinical conditions and developed in collaboration with dermatologists, can be easily and effectively administered at home.

➡️Suitable for whole body use

● Unlike similar products on the market, this high-efficiency female laser epilator works permanently on all parts of the body, including sensitive skin areas such as the bikini area, face, neck, armpits, arms or legs, gradually changing after use Thinner.

● The hair removal device uses the photothermal effect generated by the device to act under the skin, so that the hair follicle loses the ability to regenerate, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal, which is convenient and safe.

➡️Strong IPL pulsating laser

● Laser hair removal device is used directly on the skin. The laser hair removal device has a high-frequency probe. After the probe is in direct contact with the skin, a strong pulsed laser can be emitted, so that the strong pulsed laser can directly reach the hair follicle, which can destroy the hair follicle structure. After the hair follicle structure is damaged, the local hair will fall off naturally.

⚠️Please note that the machine cannot be used in the air, the 360° skin detection port can only emit lasers close to the skin. After the power is turned on, press the operation button, the probe will be in direct contact with the skin to be depilated at 90°, preventing the flash from accidentally hurting the eyes.

➡️Is IPL right for you?

● IPL epilator is suitable for skin and hair from white to brown (eg whiteness, brightening, buff, wheaten, brown). However, this product should not be used on: Tanned, tattooed and dark-spotted skin (see skin tone chart)

⚠️ For the protection of your skin, people with the following characteristics are prohibited from using this product:

①Skin sensory disturbance, local and systemic inflammation, allergic dermatitis, eczema or other skin diseases.

②Photosensitive skin and those who use photosensitizing drugs or are allergic to cosmetics, clothes, metals, etc.

③ Pregnancy, menstruation or lactation;

④ Sunbathing or sunbeds or using sunless tanning beauty products within the past 2 weeks.

➡️Five gear adjustment

● One-key adjustment of light intensity, gentle irradiation, even the most sensitive parts of the body can be gently cared for.

● For the first use, it is recommended to gradually increase the gear from the 1st gear. The higher the gear, the better the effect.It is recommended that you moisturize your skin with a moisturizing skin care product after about 3 to 5 epilations per area.

● Mouth recommendation: 1-2 gears

●Axillary recommendation: 1-5 files

●Shoulder recommendation: 1-5 files

●Toe recommendation: 1-5 gears

●Personal recommendation: 1-5 files

●Foot recommendation: 1-5 files

➡️ Small Portable Hair Removal Device

● Whether it is size or appearance, it is more convenient to carry and can be easily operated by holding the shape.

● Lightweight and easy to operate, glowing fast, with skin rejuvenation and blue light cleansing functions.

● Will the hair become thicker after removal?

No, the epilator uses the principle of IPL pulsed light to act on the melanin of the hair, which can effectively inhibit the regeneration of the hair. Some hair will grow back slowly after hair removal, but it will become thinner and thinner, just stick to it. Get lasting hair removal results.

● What should I pay attention to before and after use?

Shave the hair on the surface of the skin before hair removal, the hair can be used directly, and the skin should be kept clean after hair removal. You can do your normal beauty treatments and try to avoid the sun as much as possible.

● Is the hair removal process painful?

The hair removal device can automatically identify the skin color and adjust the adaptive light source. The correct use method will not hurt.

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ABS+ Plastic

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Bikini, Body, Face, Underarm




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Type Of Cleaning

No Water Washing

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999, 999


Professional Photoepilator

Optical Technology

Pulsed light


5 Gears

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Green, White, Black

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