IPL Laser Epilator for Women Painless Hair Remover Photoepilator Depilation Body Bikini Pubic Hair Removal Puissant Depilator


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Type-c Charging Laser Epilator IPL Photoepilator Body Facial Hair Removal Women Hair Removal Machine Pulsed Light Depilator


If you buy a hair removal device with the latest technology, please be sure to use a plug with a specification of 9V-12A or above and a mobile power bank to use the hair removal device normally.
If you have any questions or do not understand, please contact our professional customer service staff for consultation, thank you very much.

Product introduction:

【Product name】:Freezing+IPL hair removal device

【Product size】: 180*130*55mm

【Working mode】: Freezing+IPL pulsed light

【Product Net Weight】: 310g

【Rated power】: 36W

[Product gross weight]: 750g

【Input power supply】: DC12V 2A

[Cooling Temperature]: 9-10°C

【Packing Quantity】: 16 units/carton

【Energy】: 1.6-3.8J/cm

【Screen Mode】: Display

[Lighting times]: 990,000 rounds (display)

【Product color】: white

[Gear adjustment]: 5 gears

[Product packaging method]: Tiandi cover plastic sealing

[Surface Technology]: Electroplating + White + Gold

【Material】: ABS+ spray

[Packaging configuration]: host + adapter + shaver + goggles + manual

Results & Expectations – Based on Bi-Weekly Treatment Schedule

Week 1 :One After the 1st treatment, you will notice slower hair growth. Keep on treating!

Week 3 :After the 2n treatment, you will notice hair to be finer. Keep going!

Week 5 :After the 3’° treatment, you will notice hairless patches. You can incease intensity if needed. You’re on your way to hairless skin!

Week 7 :After the 4n treatment, you will notice even more hairless patches. Don’t stop now! You can increase frequency to once a week from here or continue with current schdeule. Great work!

Week 9 :After the 5″n treatment, you will notice an overall reduction in hair growth. You’re closer to your hair-free goal.
Keep going to reach your ultimate goal!

Week 11 :After the 6″ treatment, you will notice significant reduction in hair growth. You’re almost at the end of of the treatment protocol. Not far to go from here!

Week 13 :After the 7h treatment, you will notice itte or no hair growth. Potentially one more treatment and you’re finished!

Week 15:After the 8″n treatment, you should have reached your goal of permanent hair reduction and absence of most hair.
Only maintenance treatments may be required going forward. Congratulations!

How often should I use it? Typical hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:

Treatments 1 to 4: Two weeks apart

Treatments 5 to 7: Four weeks apart

Treatments 8+: Treat as needed until desired results are achieved

Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

Why is my hair growing even though I treated it a week ago?

The hair you are seeing after a treatment session may either be hair that was disabled and is now going through the ejection phase or new hair growth that was dormant that is now active and needs to be treated in the next session.

How long should I continue treatment?

Average results are seen after 3 or 4 sessions. What you should start to see are “”bald spots”” or patchiness in the treated area. Maintenance may be required from time to time if you see new hair growth.

Can I shave in between treatments?

Yes. For better results and a better experience, we recommend you shave before and in between treatments. We do not recommend you wax, because the hair shaft will be removed and therefore cannot be treated. Also, do not pluck or tweeze the hair out.

Why does the device sometimes not emit a light pulse?

Always ensure the treatment area is completely flat covering the area you are treating. Lighting may be a factor. Stay away from overhead lights, lamps or windows that allow direct light in which can create a shadow and read your skin tone being dark

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