Boi LCD 999,999 Flashes 5-Level Painless Laser Hair Removal For Women Full Body Bikini Home Devices Portable IPL Pulses Epilator


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➡️ Safe and Painless Hair Removal

● Innovative design, precise hair removal in different parts, bid farewell to traditional hair removal methods, and achieve beauty salon-level effects at home.

● The epilator is a specially developed hygienic hair removal option that still has the same strength as a professional beauty center. That means you don’t have to go to the beauty salon to interact with technicians or share a bed with countless other clients.

● Multiple Functions All-round care for your skin, safe for your skin, compared to other permanent hair removal methods, the latest IPL hair removal technology can ensure your hair removal is safe.

➡️ Say goodbye to traditional epilators

● Use depilatory cream and beeswax for hair removal. These methods of hair removal only temporarily make the skin smooth, and the hair will grow slowly over time.

● Some beauty seekers even use a razor for hair removal. This method is not recommended. Occasionally one or two times will not have obvious effects. But over time, the hair will grow thicker and thicker.

● Compared with the way of hair removal in beauty salons, the position of hair removal in beauty salons is fixed, which is inconvenient for multiple hair removal. The hair removal device can achieve the same hair removal effect as a beauty salon at home, saving a lot of cost and time.

➡️IPL epilator gentle and permanent hair removal

● The epilator helps you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin by breaking the hair regeneration cycle. Very gentle and ideal for first application or treatment of any area.

● 999,999 flashes for the whole body to use multiple times.

● LCD light clearly shows the energy level and remaining flashes.

● Skin auto-sensing design, the device will flash only when the laser head touches the skin.

● 3c㎡ Light Area, more efficient hair removal

● Intense pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicles for efficient hair removal.

● It provides a painless process compared to some traditional hair removal methods.

● 5 levels of energy regulation, care for every inch of delicate skin.

➡️Experience fast hair removal at home

● Unlike similar products on the market, this super powerful laser hair removal is suitable for all parts of women, including sensitive skin areas such as bikini line, face, neck, armpits, arms or legs.

● Loss of thick hair from the roots. Let every inch of skin have its own focus of energy. Soft pulsating light falls on the skin and is absorbed by the hair roots.

● Affordable at-home epilation in your own time and space for silky smooth skin. With an epilator, you can get professional results at a very low cost.

➡️5-level adjustment, suitable for a variety of skin

● Adjust the intensity according to individual hair removal needs. 5-speed adjustment, easy to deal with all parts of the body, adapt to a variety of hair and skin color, and can adjust the gear according to different parts of the body, easy to use multiple parts of the body.

● The higher the gear, the greater the energy and the more complete the hair removal. When you first start using it, it is recommended to start from level 1 and gradually increase to choose the level that suits your skin tone.

● Level 1-2 is recommended for sensitive areas such as lips, underarms, and private parts.

● Hands and legs are recommended for grades 3-4.

● Level 5 is recommended for coarse and thick home, saving a lot of cost and time.

➡️ Auto/manual flash dual mode

● Automatic high-speed bursts of flashes that fit the skin, free choice of different areas, and long-pressing under sliding flashes can automatically and continuously emit light, greatly improving the efficiency of hair removal.

● Automatic mode is suitable for large treatment areas such as legs, back, arms; manual mode is used for sensitive or smaller areas such as bikini line, upper lip and armpits.

➡️Is IPL right for you?

● Built-in skin tone sensor The built-in skin tone sensor determines skin tone at the beginning of each use and from time to time during each use. It automatically stops flickering if the skin tone is too dark.

● IPL epilator is suitable for white to light brown skin and black to light brown body hair. However, this product should not be used on: Tanned, tattooed and dark-spotted skin, white, gray or red body hair (see skin tone chart)

● For the first use, it is recommended to start the test from the first gear, and gradually strengthen the gear according to the use experience.

➡️ Upgraded 999,999 flashes for full body degeneration

● A single person only needs about 20,000 hairs for whole body hair removal, and 999,999 hairs can be used for 20-40 whole body hair removal operations.

● The epilator does not carry any risk, it is painless and safe, and the light does not damage any skin structure.

➡️ 8 weeks hair removal

● In 1-3 weeks, the hair starts to grow slowly. 4-7 weeks hair becomes thinner and thinner. After 8 weeks, I took off my whole body, said goodbye to embarrassment, my hair was reduced by 75% in 4 weeks, and I had silky girly muscles in 8 weeks.

Hair removal requires regular hair removal according to each cycle

● 1-2 week (3 times per week), the treated hair will become thinner and grow more slowly.

● 3-5 week (2 times per week), pay attention to hairless spots during treatment.

● 6-8 week (1 times per week), hair becomes thinner and thinner.

● Over 8 week (1 times per 2 week), treatment of permanent hair loss.

After half a year, you will see visible results and hair loss. To prevent hair growth, we only need maintenance every two months or more.

➡️ Professional IPL technology

● The device will automatically adjust the settings to match the root length, thickness and texture characteristics of whatever part of the body you are targeting. The device repeatedly sends gentle pulses of light to the hair root, causing a buildup of heat and energy.

● Illuminates hair follicles with subtle pulses of light, stimulating them into a quiescent state while making skin smoother and longer-lasting. Pulses cause heat to build up in each hair follicle, making it softer and more effective.

➡️ Steps for usage:

1. Shave
Wet with foam or shave when bathing★Dry shaving may cause scratches.

2. Power on
Plug in the power, press and hold the power button on the side of the fuselage for 2S to start the machine.

3. Wear protective gear
You must wear the professional protective glasses that come with this product during hair removal operation to avoid eye damage from flash.

4. Choose the right mode
Adjust the mode and gear that suits you.

5. Start hair removal
Place the product vertically on the part that needs hair removal, the lamp head of the body is completely attached to the skin, press the light button to emit a flash, and start hair removal. Manual flash and automatic flash modes can be selected as required.

6. Use repair gel
Using a repairing gel after hair removal can effectively help restore smoothness to the skin.

➡️ Upgrade safe and efficient hair removal device

● Wavelength>510um, 3 cm² spot size will not be too big or too small, suitable for any body curve, high efficiency, fast speed, only a few minutes to remove.

● Upgrade the integrated safety protection system, 360° skin detection port, to prevent the leakage of photons when illuminated, and prevent the flash from accidentally hurting the eyes.

● Please note that the machine cannot be used in the air, and can only emit lasers close to the skin. After turning on the power, press the operation button, and the probe is in direct contact with the skin to be depilated at 90°.

● Whether it is size or appearance, it is more convenient to carry, and it can be easily operated by holding the shape.

⚠️ Product Overview

● Laser hair removal device utilizes the “selective photothermal effect” of laser, and uses laser adjusted to a specific wavelength to pass through the epidermis and directly irradiate the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair follicle and hair shaft selectively absorbs light energy, and the resulting thermal effect causes the melanin in the hair follicle to necrosis, and the hair will no longer grow. Therefore, the laser epilator can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal for at least 8 weeks of continuous use.

● The principle of laser hair removal device: it can mainly select a beam of suitable wavelength and pulse width, which acts on the surface of the skin and reaches the root of the hair follicle. The hair follicle tissue will lose its activity through the destruction of thermal energy, and will not grow again, nor will it damage the surrounding healthy tissue. Skin tissue, because of the principle of selective photothermodynamics. When there is a lot of armpit hair, laser hair removal can be used, and when the degree of thickening is relatively high, it needs to be used multiple times. When you go out, you should take sun protection measures, and you should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time.

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Bikini, Body, Face, Underarm





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999, 999


Professional Photoepilator

Optical Technology

Pulsed light


5 Gears

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White, Pink, Black

Hair removal area


Cleaning method

Alcohol Wipe

Wavelength Scope


Features 1

Long-lasting effect

Features 2

Safe and healthy

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Mild and comfortable

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Suitable for the whole body

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Manual/automatic light output

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