8ml 5ml Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle With Spray Scent Pump Empty Cosmetic Containers Spray Atomizer Bottle For Travel


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Special perfume bottles for travel
1. There is a transparent space to see how much the perfume bottle is used at any time, and it can be refilled in time
2. There are two capacity options, 5ml/8ml are very convenient to carry
3. The leak-proof design is well done, and it will not spill out even if you take it away
4. There are a variety of colors to choose from and can be reused
5. Small and light, it can be put in a handbag or handbag every day

How to use perfume atomisers:
1)Before refilling perfume, remove the atomizers lids, spray a few times to discharge the gas in the perfume atomiser,
2)Take off the lid of the big perfume bottle, and check the tube size of big perfume bottle. Tube diadiameter ≤3.2mm, tube length ≤7mm,
3)Insert the atomiser vertically on the perfume bottle tube, press up and down repeatedly until it refills becomes,
4)Monitor the clear visual window to ensure the highest water line not exceeding the highest point of the window,
5)Finish filling, try to spray 1-2 times to speed up filling port closure.

6)After use, close the cap and take it with you, could be put in your pocket or handbag, suitable for travel.

Q1:Don’t work? —-NO, Perfume catheter length ge 7mm, diameter le 3.2mm, due to the length and diameter are different in the perfume catheter, please confirm the size before purchase;
Q2: Leak?—-Before filling, please open the lid, spray a few times, discharge the gas inside then fill it. If not do like that, the liquid will be forced out by the pressure.
Q3:Filling not full?—-Under the influence of the atmospheric pressure in the bottle, it is necessary to spray a few times to discharge the gas and then continue to fill.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service to communicate and solve




5ml, 8ml

Number of Pieces

One Unit

Model Number

13 Color you can choose

Item Type

Refillable Bottles, Refillable Bottles


Refillable perfume spray bottles has pump-to-fill technology for spill free refilling in seconds! No need for any filling tools.


With clear visual window. Can monitor perfume volume changes at any time.


Different Metallic Colored casings are good for organising your different fragrances.


5ml/8ml Perfume Atomisers Bottles. Handy size and light weight.easy to carry around


New Leak-proof design, strong and durable, glass free & air travel approved for luggage, handbag and pocket


5ml: 80m*16.5mm


8ml: 106*17.5mm


Plastic and Aluminum


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