5/8ml Perfume Spray Bottle Mini Portable Refillable Aluminum Atomizer Bottle Container Perfume Refill Travel Cosmetic Containers


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1.The mini perfume spray bottle is small and light enough to be put in your pocket or handbag, making you enjoy wonderful fragrance every moment. When you attend a party, spend time on holiday or on a business trip, it is a great tool to keep you smelling fresh and give you confidence.

2.Small atomizer orifice for reducing the waste of perfume and making spray finer

3.Lipstick size, small and light enough to be put in pocket or handbag

4.Refillable design, recyclable and environment-friendly

5.High-quality aluminum material, durable and light-weightConvenient to carry and keep, easy to use , Suitable for party, traveling, outdoor activities


Name: Perfume Spray Bottle

Material: metal, ABS

Color: aas the picture show

Capacity: 5ml/8ml

Package included:

1* Perfume Spray Bottle

Due to different production batches, there may be slight color difference


Q1:Don’t work? —-NO, Perfume catheter length ge 7mm, diameter le 3.2mm, due to the length and diameter are different in the perfume catheter, please confirm the size before purchase;

Q2:Leak?—-Before filling, please open the lid, spray a few times, discharge the gas inside then fill it. If not do like that, the liquid will be forced out by the pressure.

Q3:Filling not full?—-Under the influence of the atmospheric pressure in the bottle, it is necessary to spray a few times to discharge the gas and then continue to fill.

Brand Name





5ml, 20ml, 8ml

Number of Pieces

One Unit

Model Number

perfume bottle

Item Type

Refillable Bottles


13 Color you can choose


same quality, lower price

Type 1:


Type 2:

perfume pocket

Type 3:

for perfume

Type 4:

pocket spray

Type 5:

perfumes filler

Type 6:

perfume bottle

Type 7:


Type 8:

small perfume for bag

Type 9:

rechargeable cologne spray

Type 10:

portable perfume refill

Type 11:

cosmetic containers

Type 12:

travel bottle

Type 13


Type 14


Type 15

10ml perfume bottle

Type 16

plastic bottle

Type 17

Disinfectant, spray, insect repellent, nasal spray

Type 18

Hot silver, hot gold, silk screen,

Type 19

Anodized aluminum

Type 20

Perfume, toner, makeup remover

Type 21

Airless bottle, cosmetic bottle

Type 22

dispenser for perfume

Type 23

mini bottles

Type 24

mist spray bottle

Type 25

Refillable Bottles

Type 26

empty cosmetic bottle

Type 27

spray bottles


Perfume atomizer


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